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Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency | eStaff LLC - Austin, TX

With a wide variety of needs in the modern business world, our staffing agency offers several different opportunities to fill your empty positions in your staff.

Our four methods are:

Direct Placement - For this program, we find you a candidate who can join your company immediately. Typically, the client is responsible for paying eStaff LLC twenty percent of the candidate’s first year salary. This option is perfect for companies looking to fill a long-term position immediately.

Contract to Hire - This program is for the employers who want to test out candidates before hiring them. This lets you try out a potential candidate for a period of time to see if they fit well with your company. Payment for this plan is usually in the form of a bill rate of 1.4 times the hourly pay of the candidate. Contract terms are usually three or six months in length, depending on the type of position offered.

Contract - This allows you to bring in personnel for a specific period of time. This is particularly helpful for short-term projects or initiatives where a certain expertise is needed. Maybe you just need some extra help. This is perfect for you. Payment for this plan is usually 1.4 times the hourly rate of the personnel brought in to augment the staff. These candidates may be hired directly following the completion of the contract.

Payrolling - Do you have a potential hire that could use some experience before being brought on staff? This option is for you. Have them temporarily join the eStaff LLC team. Find out what kind of worker they are. Our staffing agency will communicate with you and help you to decide whether to hire the employee. This option is a low risk, high reward type of scenario.

Whether you’re looking to hire immediately or take time to evaluate some candidates, the strategic staffing agency here will help you to fill your employment needs nationwide including Austin and the surrounding areas. Do you need more information on one of the opportunities mentioned above? Contact us today!